Art Insights

Art Insights is our series of zines focused on the stories and inspiration behind the art. Each zine showcases an artist or fine art photographer and a selection of their pictures. With each picture, the artist provides a backstory offering interesting insights about the image.

The zine is 32 pages, A5 format and printed on good quality eco-friendly paper. We release an initial first edition of 200 copies, and further editions if there is demand for more.

Take a look at Art Insights Issue 1 to gain a better idea of format and quality.

We will be inviting artist submissions for this series from the summer 2021. It offers a beautiful, affordable zine for fans of your work. If you have a suitable project and would like to be one of our featured artists, we'd love to hear from you. Please read the submission guidelines for more details.



We invite project submissions from artists / fine art photographers who have insights to share or a story to tell that inspired each featured image in the zine's collection.

As a guideline, we will feature between 5 to 12 pics of your art. These can be from a themed collection or from your life's work to-date showing how your work has evolved. Along with each image, there needs to be between 80 to 500 words of text - a kind of backstory to the image. For example, what was the initial spark for creating the picture? What was your process? What feelings does the picture evoke for you? You can also submit other images such as sketches, photos or anything that you have copyright to use to support the main artwork.

Although every picture tells its own story from a personal perspective, we find it intriguing to gain an innerstanding of what inspired and motivated the artist.

Initially, we want to see low-resolution jpg files of your chosen images along with the story behind each picture. We also require a short biography (up to 1,000 words) and a picture of yourself. If we are able to publish the collection, we will ask for high resolution images from you for print quality.

Please send your query submission to with 'Art Insights Submission' in the email's subject line.

Please note that as much as we would like to give feedback on every submission received, it isn't always possible to do so. Only those we are able to publish at this time will receive a response. Thank you.


The artist pays nothing towards the publication of the title. We take care of design, lay-out, printing and delivery of orders. All you have to do is help to promote sales through your own community and fan base.

All Art Insights published artists will receive £1 per sold publication. So, that's £200 if all 200 copies are sold. Further payment is made if further editions are released. These royalty payments are made on a monthly basis.

Artists also receive five complimentary copies for each edition.